sarkiLagos lawyer Mr. Sonnie Ekwowusi has called for the immediate resignation of United Nations Secretary-General, Mr. Ban Ki-Mon  following the diplomatic row trailing the newly-released UN gay stamps. Mr. Ekwowusi also calls on the UN chief to tender unqualified apology to the UN member States for unilaterally deciding to release the gay stamps without clearance from the Member States.

On 5th February 2016 the United Nations Postal Administration  officially released four homosexual and transgender postal stamps for  public use ostensibly aimed at promoting gay and transgender rights in the world. One of the postal stamps depicts a homosexual couple carrying a child. Another is a putrid display of two naked lesbians frontally holding each other, caressing and kissing. Another postal stamp shows two homosexuals embracing and kissing, while the fourth stamp shows a butterfly that symbolizes transgenderism.,

According to Mr. Ekwowusi, International law binds upon consensus, and not on unilateral decision of the minority. If nations have not come together and agreed that homosexuality and transgenderism should become a binding international law, why should Ban Ki-Mon and a few others go from behind and impose homosexuality and transgenderism on the rest of mankind? The consensus reached at the various United Nations Conferences, is that all policies and action programs of the United Nations must conform to the purposes and Charter of the United Nations and must reflect the diverse social, economic and environmental conditions of each country, with full respect for their religious, cultural backgrounds and philosophical convictions. Mr. Ekwowusi therefore stated that it is a big scandal, probably, the biggest scandal in the history of the United Nations for Ban Ki-Mon and a few others to unilaterally release the aforesaid offensive gay stamps without a clearance from the UN Member States.

In the same vein, Nigeria’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Usman Sarki has berated the United Nations under Ban Ki-Mon for releasing gay stamps that assault the religious and cultural sensibilities of the UN Member States. According to Sarki, “… we wish to remind the UN to limit itself strictly to activities mandated by Member States and especially to promote issues that are beneficial to mankind rather than lend itself as tool to promote aberrant behavior under the guise of promoting human rights”