By Sonnie Ekwowusi

It is no longer news that the co-founder and former  CEO of Mozilla Corporation Brendan Eich has recently been forced or coerced to resign from Mozilla Corporation following his anti-gay stance, specifically, for doling out $1,000 in 2008 in support of California anti-gay marriage law Proposition 8. 

This, for me, is another clear case of intolerance being unleashed in the name of curbing intolerance. There are two highly-abused words in the gay dictionary: discrimination and tolerance. Whereas gay people complain of being discriminated against they are the ones discriminating against those who do not endorse their gay lifestyle. By succumbing to the pressure that Eich should resign because of his anti-gay views, Mozilla is officially declaring that it is a pro-gay corporation that doesn’t tolerate a contrary view. It has also displayed its open bias and intolerance against Eich for his anti-gay stance.

Procuring the resignation of Eich through violence and intimidation is a fragrant violation of his constitutional right to personal liberty. Liberty is the essential idea that is America. It is America’s greatest achievement, in fact America’s bounteous gift to mankind. You will recall that at Gettysburg, Abraham Lincoln noted that before America embraced the principle of equality it had already been conceived in liberty. That is why every American dreams liberty today. Surely, if Eich drags Mozilla to court today over his forced resignation he would certainly pull his way through.

Obviously gay dictatorship is being imposed on an unwilling world. This is very disturbing. The gay population, compared to the rest of world population, is negligible but it is a “conquering” population. Last year in London I ran into a UK lawyer who specializes in defending accused persons prosecuted for exercising their right to their conscience and conviction. It was this lawyer who defended the lady fired by the British Airways a few years ago for wearing a crucifix to work. The same lawyer defended the Pastor who was arrested and charged to court, I think in the same London, for openly preaching against gay. The pertinent questions are: Why are gay people becoming more powerful today? Why are they infiltrating the most powerful organizations in the world today, from the United Nations to powerful multi-nationals to embassies, down to even ordinary football clubs? Why are they stakeholders in the British and American governments? Why is the CNN, BBC, New York Times, The London Economist and other liberal media increasing becoming the gay mouthpieces? In response, a friend jokingly said that Lucifer has come down and has challenged Archangel Michael to a second battle, and that if Lucifer wins this second battle all of us will become his slaves. Don’t laugh. It sounds like a pedestrian conspiracy theory but there is a resemblance of truth in the comment. Truth to tell, there are plots to deconstruct the human anthropology in favour of “orientation essentialism”. Very soon the World Bank and the IMF would start forcing developing countries to become gay complaint failure for which they would be denied financial aid. What am I saying? This is already happening. We now live in a new gay international order. Being gay is now synonymous with civility.  Leaders of countries whose countries are not yet gay complaint are looked down or treated with contempt at international Conferences as backward leaders unwilling to comply with their “international obligation”. See what they are doing to Uganda for refusing to join their gay madness. There is also the conspiracy to make the world a genderless world. No difference between a man and a woman. Some are now agitating that the tags, “male” and “female”   on the doors of male and female toilets in public places should be removed. In New York City last March, a man was caught in a female toilet. When quizzed, he said that even though he was originally created a man, he had changed his gender and become a woman. It is not unlikely that very soon Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and others will be quizzed for not reserving jerseys for gay players. I doubt if any person who openly expresses an anti-gay view can become a Nobel Laureate today.

So, we are in trouble in this age of gay dictatorship. What do we do? To insist that sanity should prevail. To insist that tolerance doesn’t mean compromising gay aberration. To agree with Michael W. Hannon that the natural architecture for human sexuality; the longstanding teleological tradition is not replaced with the “absurd taxonomy of sexual orientations”. To admit that gay is a big threat to human survival and that the baptism of homosexual activity in whatever form paves the way for the destruction of the old marital-procreative principles without offering a viable alternative.

 If we do not wish that the human family should perish, then we need to remind the world, as Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni are already doing, that it can only find an anchor in the safe harbor of sexual ethics of man-woman marital relationship that spurns the animalistic exaltation of the gay aberration.





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