Happy Birthday, Pope Benedict Emeritus

Today, Pope Benedict (emeritus) celebrates his 87th birthday. 87 years of service to God and to His Church

Today is a great day because we remember his deep humility, when he resigned last year for his inability to govern the church any longer.

We also remember his sense of duty in carrying out his duty as the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and in preserving the purity of the faith for those to come not minding personal differences or public opinion

We also remember his obedience and total self giving to God  by leaving the lecture hall and going to the Cathedral by being the Archbishop of Munich and Freising.

We also remember your great effort in writing down a lot which are like footprints , so that we beginners may have and follow them to God directly and easily.

Thank you God for giving us Pope Benedict

I am happy to have you as my name sake.

You have truly lived out your name Benedict which means the blessed man

As Pope Francis said you are an institution to be consulted.

I pray that God may  grant you more years, and He may strengthen and guide you as you progress in years.

Happy Birthday Pope Benedict, I love you


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