We are One Years Today









The current world though inundated with easy access to information is really facing a  lot  crises in all spheres of life; science,faith, security, poverty, education, truth.

After a detailed analysis one would come to the conclusion that the crux of the problem is IGNORANCE

Realizing this lacuna, this blog last year joined the blogosphere and its main goal is to engage society in its war against widespread ignorance, against neo-colonialism and most importantly against lies.

This journey though short was not easy, many others started and they have closed, but our wheels are still rolling, and today we are one years old.

Thanks to all those who liked, shared and commented on our posts. You gave us the hope to continue.

Thanks to those who gave suggestion and ideas, you made us realize that  there were people somewhere reading our post, and wanted the best.

Thanks to all those who have written on the blog, you brought the beautiful spirit of variety

Thank you all for being active co-workers of and for the truth

This is just the beginning, we do not intend to stop, rather we wish to continue celebrating more and bigger anniversaries thank you all.


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