Nelson Mandela: The Exit of a Rare Gem

By, Nwachukwu Joshua

In Nigeria when people die, it is not uncommon to hear or read that the person who died was a legend, an icon or a rare gem. Even though I appreciate the fact that every human person has an inalienable worth and value. I dare say it is a misnomer since not anybody or everybody deserves such worth appellations.

In recent times apart from Martin Luther Jr, Blessed Pope John Paul 11,Mahatma Gandhi, I think that Mandela is worthy to be called a rare gem.

Some aspects of his life not only are they admirable but they are worthy of imitation not only by  politicians but also by the common man.

His steadfast fight for individual freedom, which culminated in his fight against apartheid in South Africa, his struggle in forging a new South Africa built on the firm foundations of non-violence, reconciliation and truth.

His voluntary retirement from politics while his contemporaries like Mugabe, Obasanjo, Gaddafi, Paul Biya, saw presidency as their birthright.

His distaste for poverty, inequality and injustice is also remarkable and worthy of admiration.

Although he was  a promoter of abortion and homosexuality. I do not want to crucify him on that. Since he is dead let us portray and promote his good side.

But really we’ve lost a hero of the 21st century.

His death reminds me and should remind us of the power of one. Mandela was not a president when he began his activism.

We all should realize that we can begin a change, and we should no matter our age, tribe, educational level.

May you rest in Peace Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.



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