Is Decency For Everyone? by Ijeoma Nwala

Sometimes, it cost an effort to cover up. That extra piece of clothing, for decency’s sake, may be tedious, but worth it.



This article is not for an odd, eccentric woman in a ridiculous outfit.  It is for the everyday woman, mothers, sisters, nieces, who are decent in every other way except for the way they dress. Horrendous and over-revealing outfits are now worn by every day people, dressing in clothes that seem to question the very essence of clothing.

Real decency is no longer a virtue valued by society. The very simple and profound meaning of decency has been corrupted. Being pure within oneself, being secure and knowing one’s values and self worth–this is what I believe decency is all about. Decency, according to the dictionary definition means being “not offensive to sexual mores in conduct and appearance”

Clothing is really a curtain that shields one from unnecessary attention from others; most importantly, it is meant to cover the sacred parts of a person and enhance the beauty of the individual. Yet, closer look at this current trend makes one uncertain as to what would become of decent dressing in the near years.

I wouldn’t want to start condemning anyone, but neither can I applaud those who go around half naked, or even totally naked. Indecency, no matter how much justified is still indecent!

I know that dressing tastefully is sometimes hard. Staring endlessly at one’s wardrobe, trying to decide which way to go, what to put on;  this is even complicated with the chore of finding accessories to cover up , these are really crises.

Many just decide to wear what popular celebrities are wearing. Even though most popular celebrities tastes are awful, most stores just stock them up, sure of a surge in demand. So it is becoming more difficult in recent times to find decent clothes in stores. There’s a rapid change in our society which makes it even difficult to keep up.

Those whose job are to teach, like parents, are afraid to condemn what they see as wrong in their children’s dressing, for fear of being branded “uncool”. Though society has battled indecency since it was born, yet, only recently has it become a trend. It used to take effort to be indecent now it is the other way round. It is because indecent dressing has been ignored over the years, it has grown to become an epidemic

Condemning indecency may not involve forceful and aggressive reprimand but may take the form of a kind reproach. For instance, if in a bus, a teen girl is showing her butt, older women should call her attention to it. If many people talked to her on that bus ride, she would not show her butt next time. Its that simple.

Teens should be told that dressing well gets them a lot further in life. Many of them think that exposing their body or having it pierced is a statement of individuality, uniqueness, strength or rebellion against the dominant culture. This is a lie

They should also be told that saying no to an inappropriate cloth is in itself is an exhibition of strength and individual-mindedness.

Celebrities have a big role to play in fostering decency in the society. Sadly, they are not living up to that expectation

Today, a decently dressed person is a  real hero, having chosen to stay on the right path when everyone is going left.

Ijeoma Nwala is a law student at the University of Nigeria Nsukka.






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