The Fading Of Decent Dressing Among Teens Girls



This is gradually fading

By, Uzodinma Chizaram

On the 8th of April 2012, 500 women under the Federal University of Technology Owerri Women’s Association (FUTOWA) staged a peaceful rally against indecent dressing amongst other things prevalent in tertiary institutions and organized a two-day intensive seminar for the female students in all tertiary institutions in Imo State. This is a commendable action, still it is worth examining how we have come to such a pass? Why is decency in dressing fading away in all areas today?

Decency in a way is relative to people’s culture and tradition. Thus, what one culture would consider normal and morally inoffensive would be considered indecent in another culture. For instance, when a local Indian woman wears a sari which exposes part of her belly, it may not be offensive and may not draw unnecessary attention to her. However if she wears this same clothing on the streets of Saudi Arabia, she may be arrested for immoral dressing. Nevertheless, Decency generally, has a universal connotation. It can be defined as dressing in accordance with the generally accepted standards of propriety and modesty, and in such a way as not to offend.

As the year’s go by, decency is no longer accorded the respect it used to have in many cultures, and modesty is a word many ladies today hardly know how to spell, talk less of living by it. Many teen girls following the crowd end up parading themselves half-naked in the streets in the name of fashion.

The reasons for the decline of the moral dress code can be attributed to the influence of the internet, social media, cable TV on fashion. Fashion is now universal, ladies (even married women) caught in the fever of “modern fashion trend” clad themselves in very skimpy clothing. Worse still, some parents dress their little girls in clothes that expose their bodies, even when going to church. Little wonder when these kids grow up to be comfortable in wearing such clothes and see nothing wrong with it– they have been nurtured that way. Furthermore, when the society does not frown at such act, it is actually encouraging it. Another major driver of indecency is “Peer pressure.” This is very common in the tertiary institution, where people from various backgrounds meet. Here, you may find that a girl who, coming from a responsible family where indecency is shunned, cajoled by her peers into dressing wildly.

 Indecency is a driver of sexual harassment and rape. It degrades women to sex objects. Never forget that your dress says a lot about who you are.

A well dressed lady is taken seriously at first impression. She is confident about who she is, and does not need to dress wildly to get people to notice her. Great women of today are those who succeed with hard work and determination not by flaunting their “sexuality”.

A well dressed lady attracts the right kind of people. It is like a truism: responsible men are attracted to well dressed ladies, and responsible ladies dress well. A well dressed woman portrays elegance and dignity of being a woman. Take a look at the queen of England, or an Arabian Princess and a look at a popular artiste’s female video vixen, the difference between them is clear. Finally, if she believes in God, she glorifies God through her dressing. Most religions uphold modesty in dressing. Islam particularly has gone a long way to preserve modesty among their women.

Being decently woman doesn’t mean being unfashionable woman. Take a look at the pictures of these 21st century dressing styles.


These clothing do not expose too much skin, yet they are classy and trendy. However, dressing modestly is an individual decision. Every lady, young or old has to play her part in preserving decency and modesty in dressing, by keeping her sacred parts sacred.

Chizaram is a law student at the University of Nigeria Nsukka, Nigeria.

you can follow her on twitter @Chiezzy101


2 comments on “The Fading Of Decent Dressing Among Teens Girls

  1. i was once listening to a radio program and the topic was “what causes rape”. roughly 80% of those who called were women and they all echoed the same thing indecent dressing. i was boiling in anger listening to them. indecent dressing(whatever that means) can never and will never be a justification for rape or sexual harassment. was that Indian girl who was gang raped and who subsequently died form her injuries indecently dressed? i feel ashamed when i see other women justifying this horrible evil perpetrated by men.

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