United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on the 18th of this month visited the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland, where millions of Jews and members of other minorities perished during the Second World War.

Auschwitz-Birkenau is not simply a register of atrocities,” Mr. Ban said. “In this haunting silence, we see the remnants of human life; we hear the cry of history and humanity. And through all of this, it becomes ever more clear that every life is precious. Every person matters1,” he stressed.

For our shared future, let us embrace our common duty as members of the human family to build a world of peace, justice, equality and human dignity for all,” he added.

The world must never forget, deny or downplay the Holocaust,” he said. “We must remain ever on our guard. And we must do more, far more, to promote equality and fundamental freedoms.”

He said that nothing can truly prepare a person for a visit to what he called “the epicentre of evil, where systematic murder unique in human history reached its atrocious climax.”

I stare at the piles of glasses, hair, shoes, prayer shawls and dolls, and try to imagine the individual Jews and others to whom they belonged,” he said. I stand in disbelief before the gas chambers and crematorium – and shudder at the cruelty of those who designed this death factory,” he added.

I am very impressed that Ban Ki-moon realises that every life is precious and every person matters. I think more than relegate this call only to the wave of anti-Semitism which is still in existence in places like Cambodia, Srebrenica, which is also important. I think Ban Ki- Moon should also call on Europe and America to also reaffirm the dignity of every human person.

During the Holocaust, we all know how one man, Hitler decided and ordered arbitrary that the Jews, people with disabilities, homosexuals, Jehovah Witness, and many others numbering over 11 to 17 million, should be exterminated from the surface of the earth, because they were seen as “parasitic” races or “untermenschen” (sub humans), since they were perceived to be dangerous to the society.

To achieve this aim, this Nazi government established concentration camps, gas chambers, and extermination camps, where millions of human beings were killed simply because they were Jews or Jehovah witness or “sub humans”.

The reason for referring to these groups of people as parasites or sub humans was because Hitler saw them as the problem of Germany and as hindrances to Germany’s economic and political supremacy.

How, is still yet to be found out.

This shows a culture where blames are apportioned wrongly while the real problems are left not tackled.

Although the Second World War ended officially in 1945. There is a Third World War which has a worse effect and it is targeted not towards the Jews this time but towards the unborn, women, the elderly, the sick and the physical impaired.

This Third World War is pushing for the elimination of some groups which is a continuation of seeing them as parasite and sub humans as hindrances to achieving one’s goal.

In today world, women are told that pregnancy is a “disease” which if accepted will deprive the women the opportunity of achieving her potentials when competing with her men folk. As such they have to “exterminate” the unborn since he/she is a parasite.

To achieve this, governments worldwide and international bodies helped established and are funding abortion clinics, which are the modern day gas chambers, and extermination camps.

In some places too, government have enacted laws which force medical practitioners to exterminate some groups of people like the sick or the elderly since they are only parasite on the government’s coffers.

Acts like this do not respect the conscience or right of the medical practitioners, like the soldiers during Hitler’s time; they either do their “duty” or forfeit their posts.

I too like shudder at the cruelty of those who designed and work at this modern death factory.

Once again, we all must fight to reaffirm that all human life from conception to natural death is precious which is also endowed with rights and freedom, prime among which is the right to life.

1 Emphasis mine



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