Help save Obinna Divine Favour


Help save Obinna Divine Favour

By Nwachukwu Joshua

Obinna Divine Favour is 2 years and 6 months old. Unlike her peers she is unable to neither speak nor walk, because she has a hole in the heart which has hindered her development.

In the midst of this misfortune, her father abandoned her to her fate, leaving only the mother to cater for her.

In search for help, the mother, Odinaka Nwanze visited Kanu health foundation. The foundation claimed they could not help, but gave them the cost of Surgery if the go to India to the cost of N 1,879,000.

kanu 001

The Mother of Obinna Divine Favour unfortunately cannot afford this, luckily there will be an operation at the University Of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH) this December which will cost 500,000 Naira. Still the family cannot afford it.

So they are calling on well-meaning people to help save the life of Obinna Divine Favour.

If you are willing to help Favour be like her normal peers. Kindly support her by sending your donations to:

  • Account name- Odinaka Nwanze
  • Account Number- 04640680015626, Bank- UBA
  • Her Contact Address is, No 58 Abakaliki Road, Emene Enugu

You can also help by sharing and liking this message so that it can get to a lot of people.

Thank you, as you lend a hand in saving the life of Obinna favour


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