Should I have the abortion to keep my abusive boyfriend? asks a 15-year-old girl

Disclaimer: The picture of the girl is not the teen in question

By, Nwachukwu Joshua

A 15-year-old girl wrote to the UK Sheffield Star  advice columnists Jo Davison and Nik Brear, stating that her boyfriend punched her after she refused to have an abortion.

The teen said the two had been dating more than a year, loved each other, and felt having sex “had moved [our] relationship to the next level.” Then she found out she was expecting.

“Suddenly he doesn’t want to know me and has even hinted that he thinks the baby may not be his, which has hurt me so much,” she wrote. “He knows he is the only boy I have ever slept with.”

Her parents, after recovering from the understandable shock, “were great. They have supported me to make the decision that’s best for me. Which is, keeping the baby.”

“As soon as I knew I was pregnant I knew I couldn’t have an abortion,” she wrote.

“But my boyfriend has insisted that I have an abortion and told me that if I keep the baby he doesn’t want anything to do with it or me. A week ago, he got so angry about it that he slapped me,” she wrote.

The boyfriend later apologized “and cried,” saying having a baby would prevent them from excelling in school and their intended career as lawyers.

“Should I have the abortion to keep him, or should I listen to my what my heart and my parents are saying and be a single mum?” the teen asked.

This is part of the ills of abortion. It makes men treat women as tooth picks which they can use and drop at will.

With the abortion culture there is no love nor fidelity.

Approving or supporting abortion opens a gate wide open for women to be grossly violated.


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