By Nwachukwu Joshua

Ever since legislators and judges in America and Europe invested themselves with the power to redefine  marriage as a union between any two consenting persons , it has left open the gates to persons to decide themselves what ideas like marriage, gender and sexuality means. Left also to the discretion of the people is to decide if “persons” include animals and non-living things etc. All these have been done under the pretext of respecting the freedom and private live of the citizens.

The approval of this unnatural acts by the tiers of government has unfortunately brought about an unhealthy precedent in the history of mankind.

Already we are not new to gay marriage and lesbianism which has suddenly gained support in the western world. Some are even seeing it as normal. But there also exist bestiality, which means having sex with animals, this has been approved in countries like USA  Belgium, Finland, Germany among others. We also hear of polyandry, which occurs when a woman marries more than one husband simultaneously.

Am sure with this, we will shout where the hell are we going to . Sorry, we are not even close to hell yet, the worst has not be heard.

This year around June, an  Australian artist Jodi Rose, exercising her so-called “freedom” got married to Le Pont du Diable Bridge, which is a bridge in southern France.

As such Mrs Le Pont du Diable, at the wedding ceremony which was blessed by the mayor  of the nearby town Saint-Jean-de-Fos before 14 witnesses,  promised to stand by her husband in sickness and in health, till death do them part.

Lets us not be apathetic in our fight to ensure that the traditional notion of marriage as a union between a man and a woman remains.

Peter Kreeft, a famous Boston professor, said that the first thing needed in a  war is to know that we are at a war, if not you would taken unawares and obviously will be beaten flawlessly. Nigeria is under serious pressure to approve same-sex marriage, which is the master-key to other societal ills. lets us be aware and condemn it.

If we are not proactive in our fight the next generation would be surprised to hear that men ever married women, since they will only be seeing human beings marrying animals and objects like bicycle and refrigerators.



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