Pope Francis Kisses A Disfigured Man


Some days ago, Pope Francis kissed and blessed a man suffering from severe facial disfigurement during his audience in St. Peter’s Square.

I am sure many persons will feel disgusted and wonder why this man has not killed himself to “spare” us the irritation.

If we are thinking this way sorry.it is only a sign of one’s selfishness and lack of love. I am sure this man would have been traumatized with this illness, insulting him or avoiding him would traumatize him the more, but with the kisses of the Pope and the great attention the Pope paid to him,which has not been shown to great world leaders or apparently important people. He realizes that he is still a human being despite his external illness.

We should also respect and love everyone and care for them despite their limitations or defects.

No doubt, it is challenging it is worth a trial.


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