Say No to Human Trafficking


Sorry dear readers for the break for over 3 weeks, I was preoccupied helping in the organization of the third international law conference on women and children, which was held in Terra kulture, Victoria Island. With the theme,  Women and children as new tools of trade in the 21st century: exploring policy, research, community and legal frameworks for addressing human trafficking.

The two-day conference ended yesterday and it was a great success.

The speakers included the likes of  Hon Funmi Tejuoso from the Lagos state House of Assembly, NAPTIP representatives from Abuja, Lagos and Benin, Didi Bedell from the Nigerian Law reform commission, Adesuwa Onyenokwe publisher of today’s Woman, Patrick Oke, Prof Osita Agbu from the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs. Franca Attoh from the department of sociology, University of Lagos,  Dr Philip Njemanze , a world-renowned neuroscientist, known for his neuroscience revolutionary light theory of brain functional asymmetry , Ifeyinwa Mbakogu from the school of social work, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, Barr. Sonnie Ekwowusi, Legal practitioner and a member of  the editorial Board of Thisday  Newspaper and a host of others.

Among the issues discussed in the conference were:

  • challenges in addressing the prevalence of trafficking in the Nigerian women and children
  • Preventing Human trafficking: the place of the family, vulnerable youths and other unexplored triggers
  • Human organ trafficking, and a host of other interesting papers

The main message from the conference is this, not only is human trafficking a crime against the law both locally and internationally, it is also a crime against humanity, and most especially manhood, which  seems to be a big market for women who are mostly trafficked for sexual exploitation.

The ills and damages of trafficking are inexplicable. That’s why participants at the conference resolved that a key towards bring human trafficking to the barest minimum is the need for the family to retake its position as the first educators of their children, so as to inculcate proper values and morals.

It is time that we join forces with NAPTIP  to torpedo the menace called human trafficking, over the week, more issues on the conference will be discussed on this blog.


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