Nigerian state legalizes abortion in ‘anti-violence’ bill

By Obianuju Ekeocha

(Culture of Life Africa) – I just received a very disturbing news from my home state, Imo, situated in the southeastern part of Nigeria. Our State Governor, Rochas Okorocha, and the State Assembly have signed an odious anti-life bill into law.

Like most bills, it is very long and intimidating to read. But unlike most bills, it was kept secret – top secret. But it has now been brought into the light.

And what do you know? Buried under hundreds of paragraphs and thousands of words, was the right to abortion.

Yes indeed , the poisonous mix of “sexual and reproductive health” plus “family planning” has mixed the death potion of abortion.

In this little known state in Africa, the right to abortion has been signed into law without public notice and without anybody finding out about it.

Without further ado let me give you the details of this disturbing Law that sent chills through my spine and brought tears to my eyes.

The Law entitled Imo State Law of Nigeria Violence Against Persons (Prohibition) law No 12 , was “sold” silently as a law to eliminate violence in private and public life – to prohibit all forms of violence including physical, physiological, domestic, harmful traditional practices, discrimination against remedies for victims and punishment of offenders.

I know, that’s a bit of a mouthful and sounds innocent enough, but if you are learned, you read on page 38 of the Bill, in section 40 from paragraph (g) – (i) :

Every woman shall have a right to health, which shall be understood to mean the enjoyment of the highest level of physical, mental and social well-being, health care services, including those related to family planning in particular, rural woman shall have the right to have access to adequate health care facilities, including information, counselling and services in family planning.

Every woman shall have the rights to take decisions about her health needs and requirement. In particular, she shall have the right to determine the process concerning reproduction in her body.

Every woman shall have the right to enjoy reproductive rights including the right to medical abortion in cases of sexual assault, rape, incest and where the continued pregnancy endangers the life or the physical, mental, physiological or emotional health of the mother. (Emphasis added.)

Here comes legalised abortion in West Africa. For anyone who is in the pro-life movement will surely recognise these words as the “bump key” that opens the flood gates of abortion. It is crystal clear without ambiguity. T

“A right to determine the process concerning reproduction in her body“?

A right to kill her own unborn child “where the continued pregnancy endangers her emotional health” ?

Wow! These could have just been the talking point of any pro-abortion proponent in Europe or America.

Photocopied section from legislation

In fact, this must be music to the ears of the wealthy pro-abortion cartel hovering over Africa like vulture,s waiting for the African leaders that will let them in to open up their violent business, the business of killing babies in the womb.

Surely they have been lobbing and pushing and prodding our leaders, and now one Nigerian Governor has capitulated to their lie that in order to eliminate violence against women, one has to declare violence against babies in the womb.

This is so distressing!

And ever since I heard it, I have interviewed many people in my home town. And one of those interviews was the one with Dr Philip Njemanze, who is undoubtedly one of the most prominent pro-life advocates in Nigeria.

He said this law was signed quietly many months ago (May 2012) but was only brought to his attention within the last week.

Being a very eloquent and passionate proponent of the Culture of Life, he sprang into action and started to raise awareness across the state through the media.

And because most Nigerians are uncompromisingly pro-life, there is now a strong call from the masses for the Governor to immediately abrogate this violently offensive law that was insidiously woven into a bill on Anti-Violence.

How ironic that a Bill on Anti-Violence should be used to usher in the highest form of violence – violence against the unborn child.

As the Government is now under the heat of the people, one of the government’s spokespersons has done a press release, vehemently denying Dr Njemanze’s allegations of legalised abortion.

And so in response and good faith Dr. Njemanze has sent me a copy of this odious law and I will share the most offensive page with you so that you can read it for yourself (as I did) and then raise your voice with us to ask for this law to be repealed for the sake of the unborn babies of Africa.

Africa remains a largely pro-life territory, and Nigeria remains a pro-life country with pro-life laws in place, so to have a State within Nigeria open its doors to the “Right” to Abortion is heartbreaking and gut-wrenching for all Africans. As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere”.

We should never attack and destroy life in the womb. That is the most shocking barbaric violence that many Africans living in the developed world find hard to reconcile with – that any government in any part of the civilised world would sanction and even support the destruction of tender life in the womb.

We know and understand that injustice in the womb is indeed injustice everywhere. And violence in the womb, is violence everywhere.

We cannot allow this poisonous Culture of Death to seep into the African society not even through the smallest state or town or city in Africa. We cannot!

As a Nigerian woman in diaspora, I raise my own voice with millions of others, to ask, no- to beg the Governor of my State to repeal this law that is bound to claim the lives of countless unborn babies and scar the hearts of countless women.

I urge him to eliminate all violence in public and private life and yes even for those little ones who are enjoying  their private life in the womb!


5 comments on “Nigerian state legalizes abortion in ‘anti-violence’ bill

  1. OK.. I have read it all and I appreciate the whole scenario. So why haven’t I seen anything in the media? Women have been undergoing abortion. As a licensed doctor, would you allow a young girl go to a quack and get killed in the name of abortion or would you remove the child and save a life. I can’t hear you talking about any crack down on people who operate abortion clinics in Nigeria. You have to start from somewhere. Start raiding abortion clinics and whistle blowing on them. No one said whether the governor has assented to the bill. This post raises more questions than answers. More work people

  2. Did i not said this before, the centre can no longer hold & prophetically things are falling apart. The nation is like titanic ship heading to meet the iceberg, our nation is in a state of quagmire and the components called the state government are falling apart. I said it earlier on: Yesterday it was UNDER AGE MARRIAGE LAW. Today it is ABORTION and tomorrow it might be the turn of GAY marriage! You never can tell, don’t say i did not warn you and don’t say i did not tell you. Prophetically things are falling apart!

  3. persons with similar ideas like you posit that abortion whether legal or illegal would still be done, so why not make it legal so as to prevent countless women from dying since they would go to the quacks. This argument is faulty because legality does not connote safety, as such being legal will not make it any way safer and mind you because a destructive activity will not be completely eradicated is no reason to make or keep it legal (think of drug laws or laws against prostitution).
    in addition the law has be assented to by rochas

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