Many Countries in Africa are called third-world countries, war torn countries, Dark Continent and a host of other names. All  with an underlying presumption that Africa is not democratic. African countries, like Egypt, are in the middle of coup, others like Zimbabwe and Cameroon have dictatorship of varying degrees of tyranny. Yet, still others like Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya with some-what stable government are referred to as practising pseudo-democracy.

With the rate of election rigging and annulments of legitimately held elections, imaginable in other continents, little wonder these accusations stick.

Lack of a stable democracy has been fingered as lead cause of corruption in Africa and a consequent reason for its underdevelopment and unproductivety.

Africans have been told to emulate the ideals of democracy and how it is practised from the western countries- “model democracies”- where government is of the people by the people and for the people, where every right is respected and preserved, where  freedom of speech, religion  are inviolable.

Well, the current redefinition marriage in U.S.A  has, to a great extent, shown that the so called “model” democracy are worse than the most reprobate African autocrats and despots.

Again, take Ireland another western Country, for an example. An abortion bill was recently passed there, by parliament allowing abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, where the life of the mother is at risk which notably includes if the mother threatens suicide.  The Prime Minister Enda Kenny trampled over all consciences by denying a free vote within his party, demanding that his party colleagues should vote in favour of this horrific and fundamentally flawed piece of legislation and threatened to throw out of the party anyone who disagreed.

As Niamh Ui Bhriain of the Life Institute asked, “what kind of a leader is he? What kind of a leader throws a colleague out of the party for doing exactly what they told their electorate they were going to do before election?”

During their campaign in 2011, the Fine Gael party promised the Irish people that it would protect the lives of women and the unborn, this unfortunately they have broken. How many more promises will they break? Can the Irish people trust them any longer?

By their totalitarian action, the Irish Prime minister is no different from African despots who insist that their will must reign supreme? No different!

In the midst of all these threats, some party members broke rank and they were expelled from the party. Lucinda Creighton, one of those who voted against the abortion bill, resigned from her position as Ireland’s European Affairs Minister, saying the government broke a commitment to keep Ireland free of abortion. Another person, is Senator Fidelma Healy-Eames,(as she then was) who bucked her party’s leadership on Tuesday by invoking a rarely-used parliamentary procedure called a “reasoned amendment” to try and stop the bill from being heard by the Senate, unfortunately she did not succeed. She acknowledged that she was signing her own political death warrant, but said her conscience would not allow her to support a bill that ends human lives and, in her opinion, deceives women.

These are the true democrats and the heroes of democracy, since they understand, and rightly so, that their loyalty lies with their conscience and with the people who put them in power.

The Irish people in exercise of their democratic and constitutional right are calling that a referendum be called so that the people would have the final say, but the prime minister being a tyrant has refused.

The Irish citizenry are suffering from injustice; they are suffering from the infidelity of their representatives. In fact they are under the reign of the tyrants.

With this, I would be far wrong, were I to declare that democracy has failed in Ireland?



  1. Actually i keep telling people that there is no way all the nations must practise democracy! The political system and the nature of a state determines what type of government to be run at that nation. Let me just leave ireland and it’s political quagmire, coming to africa, we are suffering not only from neocolonialism but also the influence of western world in african system of government. There by on their own single handedly determine what system of government to be run in africa for their on selfish interest without considering the people of such state. I keep saying all system are not the same and cant be, let us take for instance now what is the political situation of Libya since the ousting of their former leader Mummah Ghadaffi. Believe you me life in Libya was more sweet than the unrest we are witnessing at Libya today. Are we to talk of Egypt doing the time of Mubarak immaterial of how many years he was in office, the question remain in his own time the political system was stable unlike what we are witnessing today. Democracry i believe is not the best system of government for every nation! What is good in america can be evil in africa, this is because you cannot place something on nothing and thinking that it will stand, No! Definitely it will collapse. Democracy comes with alot of bad policies, today africans are facing serious threat to legalise abortion and gay! Take a look at malawi! If possible their system will be lobbied for that. Charity they say begins at home! Is better i live in the country of mugabe free from evil policies that threaten the procreation of life than leaving in the sweet country of obama where there is no respect of human life. If am to say, some african countries dont merit to practise democracy the same way England and some unafrican countries like saudi arabia are practising monarchial system of governance. One man food they say is another man’s poison. Democracy i know cannot be imposed in all african countries because if it is so, then then England Monarchy system, saudi arabia and others should be pulled down so as to give democracy a chance. I still believe on the principle of nemo dat quod non habet which means you can’t give what you dont have. Coming back to my home country Nigeria which is practising democracy among themselves. A country with no the same ideologically leadership among the ethnic groups but the fake holy amalgamation of 1914 that bring us together, by looking at the north you know the type of leadership that fits in their, like wise west and the east of the country. Today it is CHILD MARRIAGE just for the sake of islamic laws or system to the detriment of christians in the name of democracry. Who knows tomorrow it may be abortion and gay for the sake of…… I REST MY CASE.

    • i understand your fears, but i do not agree with your conclusion that democracy is not the best system of government for every nation, because i think in our present time the best and only system of government is democracy since it is a system that brings together both the governed and the government by the light of history we know it has worked. The unfortunate thing is that we do not have real democrats and that is why democracy all over the world is crumbling. The best thing we can do through proper education is to become more democratic.
      concerning the issue of child marriage if you have read views of renowned Islamic personalties you would realize that early marriage is not of Islamic origin but randy men have misconstrued the faith for their selfish benefits.

  2. Good article. But you said democracy has failed in Europe and America. The only European country you mentioned was Ireland.

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