ImageJuly 12, 2013, was a sad day for Ireland because the Irish parliament voted 127-31 in favour of a legislation that allows abortion through all nine months of pregnancy where the ‘life of the mother is at risk’ which notably includes if the mother threatens suicide. 

Speaking outside the lower house of the Irish parliament, Clare Molloy of the pro-life group Youth Defence described it as a “dark day for Ireland.” A day in which the legislature have closed their ears to the medical evidence, and turned their backs on the electorates who voted them in, whom they promised that there will never be legal abortion in Ireland. They have now legalised the death penalty for innocent unborn children.”

This bill is barbaric,” said Ms. Molloy, “it has no term limits. It allows for the direct killing of a physically healthy baby in a physically healthy mother through all nine months of pregnancy.”

What kind of politician or doctor approves the killing of a fully formed human being at 22 weeks by lethal injection to the heart,” continued Ms Molloy, “doctors are opposing this legislation; because the bill legalises the mindless assassination of innocent human beings.”

I honestly see no reason why proponents of death are called pro-choicer, they are simply murderers. Supporting killing is as good as killing full stop– even if you do not actually pull the trigger.

So, pro-choicers in Ireland have won for women the unfettered right to kill their own children. How tragic! Where does it all go from here? Since when did abortion become the cure for a woman threatening suicide? Where did they get their knowledge? I think Prime Minister Enda Kenny has deliberately shut his ears to the voice of reason. He is hell bent on taking Ireland down the path of infamy.

What is the world turning to.


One comment on “A SAD DAY FOR IRELAND

  1. Same old story just different jurisdictions. I agree totally with the post but I have a slight problem with the beginning. I would really like to know how a woman who threatens to commit suicide can use that as a ground for abortion. It is utterly ludicrous because the state would remand her and try her for attempting to commit suicide which is a misdemeanour in most jurisdictions. Please let’s keep our hyperboles at an all time low

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