Through movies, advertisement, songs, videos, and even cartoons, most mainstream media in conjunction with governments are propagating a universal right to sexual indulgence; as if we were mere animals, governed only by instinct, lacking all self-control. Unfortunately, this way of thinking is gradually becoming the new norm and has spiked the spread of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Young men and women now have, as it were, an unfettered license to play with sex. Among adolescent girls, the world over, teenage pregnancy is on the rise and since they are often not ready for motherhood, abortion rate is consequently on the rise.

The media and world leaders are lying when they treat us like animals living only by instincts. Apart from having intellect, we also have free will–an ability to choose and we can control our passions, desires and even our sexual urges. However, this can only come easy when society promotes ideal that help us do that. Ideal like chastity, virginity and faithfulness if promoted as something fashionable and attractive would attract many young people.  Unfortunately, today these beautiful ideals are regarded as unattainable and utopian. Many government agencies and non-government agencies are aggressively marketing pre-marital sex as something unavoidable—even as something good. To combat the spread of STDs they advise ‘safe sex’.  ‘Safe’ meaning having sex with condoms, and of course, never getting pregnant because pregnancy is a big disease that must be avoided.

There is, however, a story of a girl who died resisting this very immorality being promoted today.  Maria Teresa Goretti was a peasant girl from a poor family; she was born in Corinaldo, near Ancona in 1890, her father died when she and the other five children were small. At twelve she was very pretty. Alexander, a young man in the neighbourhood made sexual advances to her several times she refused and did her best to avoid him, but on July 5, 1902, when she was alone in the cottage mending some clothes. Alexander came again to force her to have sex with him, she refused, and when she resisted, Alexander stabbed her repeatedly over eleven times and ran away. Maria died the next day, July 6, 1902, but not before voicing a word of forgiveness for her attacker. Alexander was sentenced to thirty years in prison. He later repented, expressed remorse for what he had done, and lived to see his victim beatified in 1947 and canonized in1950 as a martyr for chastity.

Today, we commiserate with millions of women suffering violence in different forms mostly especially sexually. It is a shame but we know it happens; unfortunately, it will not stop until the culture of seeing women as mere instruments of pleasure stops. This culture will not stop until wide spread pornography stops which forms the mind of men that women are sex objects to be used and thrown away.

As such, we are calling on all mainstream media and government to promote an authentic sexual education that respects the dignity of man and woman, and that does not consider them as mere instruments of pleasure.



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  2. Beautiful write-up. just the righjt thing for the society we live in today. gone are those days when decency was the watch word. today, teenagers derive pride and “swagger” from bragging about their sexual exploits. Gone are the good old days when virginity was a sign of purity, chastity and discipline; now, it is a thing of “shame” to be despised and to be gotten rid of as soon as practicable. this fight would start with small steps like DSTV users campaigning for the return of EWTN on their dishes. they have a right to choose what they want and a service provider should not be allowed to give flimsy reasons that people dont watch the channel (what about the few that do). we should also stand up against Big Brother Africa; a show that depicts leud African tennagers with no sense of responsibility and with little or no care at all about issues that shape the world positively. We should activate for show that show the intelligency of the African teen. I am talking of shows like: Zain African Challenge and Survivor Africa amongst other great shows. your inaction today would be the dilemma of tomorrow. great piece my dear brother.

  3. A very wonderful piece. Wish the whole world could read this which would be a one step to embracing decency and chastity in our community. Thumbs up bro!

  4. An Excellent didactic essay…its a lesson to the youths out there..Gorretti was a great gurl,,she stood up for the right thing-Chastity-…its quite a pity that the world today is headin towards destruction in terms of morality..if Gorretti was to be in existence now,,she wud be discriminated against-even by her fellow girls…I just pray dat people wud realise dat being chaste is an invaluable gift..

  5. Highly informative and motivational. Keep it up.
    It’s high time we pause and ponder on the way we do things and the things we do bearing in mind that what we sow today, we will reap tomorrow. Let’s stop following the crowd and confused world and learn to do things the right way. It pays

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