The day before yesterday, was a day of great joy for persons who love life and are ready to protect life from the womb to the tomb. This great day, would be remembered by men, women and innumerable unborn children because it was the day the brave Governor of Texas, Rick Perry signed a bill into law which will place a ban on late-term abortion in his state.

In addition to banning abortion after 20 weeks, the law requires abortion facilities to meet the same safety standards as other ambulatory surgical centres, and requires abortionists to have admitting privileges at local hospitals. The need for this law arose, due to the falling and failing health standards which have been observed in the abortion industry. Notable and worth discussing, is the case of the Pennsylvania abortion Doctor, Kermit Gosnell, who was convicted for murder. Gosnell’s crimes include killing three post-birth infants and negligently administering a lethal dose of Demerol to a 41-year-old Nepali refugee. His clinic which during the trial was termed, ‘house of horrors’, was in deplorable conditions. The 2011 grand jury report described it as a “baby charnel house,” where Gosnell “regularly and illegally delivered live, viable, babies in the third trimester of pregnancy and then murdered these new-borns by severing their spinal cords with scissors.” How wicked.

Also women seeking Gosnell’s services fared no better. At his “filthy fraud” of a business, Gosnell “overdosed his patients with dangerous drugs, spread venereal disease among them with infected instruments, perforated their wombs and bowels and, on at least two occasions, caused their deaths.” That’s not all. He even employed Steven Massof, a medical school graduate, as an abortionist who never had his medical license. At the trial Steven admitted to severing the spinal cords of around 100 living and breathing new-borns.

It shows the little or no value abortionists like Kermit Gosnell have for life. That is why this new law is highly commendable, since it serves to protect the life and health of both an unborn child and the mother.

One may question why the whole celebration when the law does not proscribe abortion from the state. This law is worth celebrating bearing in mind that it will not be easy to stop abortion totally, but with this new law, abortions will be greatly reduced and it is a very big leap towards achieving our dream, which is to defend the inalienable right to life of all human beings, be it baby, a girl, a child with deficiency, an aged person or a sick person.

Already, it is envisaged that over 37 state abortion facilities would be closed since they would not be able to meet up with the health and safety requirements. On the day that the Gov. Rick Perry signed the state’s new late-term abortion ban into law, Planned Parenthood announced that they were closing three more clinics in the state.

Can we imagine, before the passage of this new law, what women and the unborn children were going through in order to get an abortion under the hand of abortionists who lacked expertise or even license? Or in clinics with deplorable conditions or lacking in equipments? Have you asked yourselves why 37 abortion clinics are going to be closed? These are questions that demand critical thinking.

Over the years, pro-choicers in advocating for the legalisation of abortion have always claimed that with legalisation of abortion, the procedure would be safe. But it seems to be false, because at least up to 37 out of around 42 clinics have proven not to meet up to health standards; many have been the conduit pipes of infections and all these have worsened the position of women in society.

I think, the time has come, for the structure of Planned Parenthood which throughout the years have been built and sustained by lies be brought down.

I thank God, and people like Governor Perry, Abby Johnson, and my pro-life friends -mostly the youths – for standing firmly for life. Abby Johnson I’m sure is very happy, because before becoming pro-life, she was once a director at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas which has now been closed.

It is said that those who do not listen to the teachings of history would repeat the same mistake. We in Nigeria are not bothered and are rather apathetic to these issues because we think that they only affect foreign countries which fortunately are far away. It is a big lie; the wind is blowing and unfortunately very fast. We may have to fight our own battles in the near future. We can see what the Americans and the Europeans are going through; they are legally killing their women and their unborn, and unfortunately they are learning their lessons the hard way.

Please let us not repeat their mistake, rather we should learn and fight for the truth.




By            Sonnie Ekwowusi

Last week, an executive director (name withheld) of a famous Nigerian bank (name-withheld) shocked us in a meeting at the Lekki Phase 1, Lagos residence of a lawyer friend. While we busied ourselves discussing business over suya meat and chilled cans of Gulder and Guinness beer, the issue of moral degeneracy in Nigeria cropped up. Then the executive director narrated how one day a certain male employee of his bank went out for a routine marketing only to return with his suit completely torn. Asked by his colleagues in office why his suit got torn, the young man explained how he was homosexually assaulted by a man who had all along been pretending that he would do business with the bank. Anyway, to cut the long bizarre story short, the assault was reported to the Police. But as you know very well, police investigation in Nigeria never ends, and even if it ends it is
not likely to produce any good fruit.

That said, I also gather that there is now a thriving gay club for youngsters in Surulere, Lagos. A friend narrated how one day he ran into a young lesbian in the heart of Surulere, boasting that she was preparing to get “married” to another young lesbian whom she referred to as her “fiancée”. Heard what happened in Anambra State on June 12, 2013?. Two suspected gays were been arraigned at the Atani Chief Magistrate Court when suddenly a group of gay men (or, probably a rented crowd) stormed the court and attempted to disrupt the court proceeding.
Beyond lamentation, these true stories reinforce the argument that homosexuality or lesbianism is a real threat to the Nigerian pre-existing socio-political order. Those who think otherwise or who still argue that the National Assembly should have preoccupied itself with more “serious issues” instead of debating the anti-gay Bill are not reasoning properly. The family institution, as the Nigerian Law Reform Commission has rightly stated, is the fundamental unit of society. It is, above all, a veritable safety-net especially in Africa where social security system is virtually non-existent. Therefore the destruction of the family is tantamount to societal destruction. Even though making marriage-considered as a legally sanctioned union of a man and a woman-a public desideratum is not the job of the State, the State should protect marriage because it is a public good that sustains civil society and promotes the common good. More importantly, the human society, as Professor Douglas Farrow of McGill University, Montreal, Canada, correctly argues, is built on heterosexual social norm. For example, almost hundred per cent of Nigerian citizens, like citizens of every country in the world, are products of parents and grandparents who imbibed and lived heterosexuality as the social norm.
Even all these gay people who are making noise are products of parents
and grandparents of heterosexual relationships.

Therefore President Jonathan should sign the Same Gender Marriage (Prohibition) Bill 2011 into law. Good enough, the House of Representatives had equally passed the Same Gender Marriage (Prohibition) Bill 2011 last Tuesday. Besides, a recent poll conducted by a certain Nigerian NGO showed that about ninety-eight per cent of Nigerian citizens are in favour of outlaying gay marriage and gay practices in Nigeria. This, for me, is a triumph of participatory democracy.  That is why President Jonathan should sign this Bill. Mr.President should not be afraid of President Obama or Prime Minister Cameroun. After all, Nigerian is a sovereign nation. Therefore, no President, no Prime Minister of any country can lord it over Nigeria.

The American Supreme Court has recently ruled that there is no rationale other than hostility to homosexuals for defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman. That is America for you. Good luck to America! After all President Obama has legalized bestiality among American soldiers. So, let the Americans do whatever they like. But this is Nigeria.  We are a different people, with a different culture.
Senate President David Mark has courageously said for the umpteenth time that there is no going back on the criminalization of gay marriage and ban of gay activities in Nigeria. The Nigerian people have also said the same thing. They are right. It is suicidal to import into Nigeria the strange lifestyles of other people all in the name of human right.
Therefore President Jonathan should sign this Bill. If he does so, he would be scoring a great political point. First, he would regain the full confidence of the members of the National Assembly. Second, he would win the full support of religious and traditional leaders, churches, mosques, town unions and communities across the country.
Third, he would earn the respect of the members of the International community for doing what is right despite pressures from abroad to do the contrary. Finally, if President Jonathan signs this bill he would save Nigerian from the new sexual liberation aimed at deconstructing the anthropological structure of man and woman leading to the negation of reality and sexual barbarism.

Sonnie Ekwowusi, is a Nigerian delegate at the United Nations, he is also a lawyer based in Lagos


ImageJuly 12, 2013, was a sad day for Ireland because the Irish parliament voted 127-31 in favour of a legislation that allows abortion through all nine months of pregnancy where the ‘life of the mother is at risk’ which notably includes if the mother threatens suicide. 

Speaking outside the lower house of the Irish parliament, Clare Molloy of the pro-life group Youth Defence described it as a “dark day for Ireland.” A day in which the legislature have closed their ears to the medical evidence, and turned their backs on the electorates who voted them in, whom they promised that there will never be legal abortion in Ireland. They have now legalised the death penalty for innocent unborn children.”

This bill is barbaric,” said Ms. Molloy, “it has no term limits. It allows for the direct killing of a physically healthy baby in a physically healthy mother through all nine months of pregnancy.”

What kind of politician or doctor approves the killing of a fully formed human being at 22 weeks by lethal injection to the heart,” continued Ms Molloy, “doctors are opposing this legislation; because the bill legalises the mindless assassination of innocent human beings.”

I honestly see no reason why proponents of death are called pro-choicer, they are simply murderers. Supporting killing is as good as killing full stop– even if you do not actually pull the trigger.

So, pro-choicers in Ireland have won for women the unfettered right to kill their own children. How tragic! Where does it all go from here? Since when did abortion become the cure for a woman threatening suicide? Where did they get their knowledge? I think Prime Minister Enda Kenny has deliberately shut his ears to the voice of reason. He is hell bent on taking Ireland down the path of infamy.

What is the world turning to.



I commiserate with the entire people of United States, most especially persons from California on the recent Supreme Court decision in the cases of Hollingsworth v. Perry and Windsor v. United States that declared Proposition 8 of California law unconstitutional and the Defence of Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional. This decision by five judges to redefine the age long notion of marriage as a union between one man and one woman is an unmitigated tragedy, a travesty of law, and a great injustice. By their decision, the judges place themselves above the voters of California or even members of congress and most importantly God the creator of the Universe and creator of the institution of marriage

In the case of Hollingsworth v. Perry, in 2008, there was a constitutional amendment passed in California that provided that only marriage between a man and a woman should recognised in California. Proposition 8 was passed with over 52% of the vote, capturing the support of over 7 million California voters. Proponents for this proposition argued rightly that heterosexual marriage was an essential fabric and institution of society which has been in existence from time immemorial, and that the gay persons though humans and ought to be respected do not have the right to redefine marriage for everyone else. Proponents and activists of the LGBT’s challenged this proposition in court, and it climbed the ladder of the courts until it reached the Supreme Court of America. In the Supreme Court, the plaintiff Hollingsworth like other LGBTadvocates argued their case, and opined that that proposition had to be struck out because freedom to marry is fundamental in their society and that the California constitution should guarantee the same freedom and rights to everyone. This case received a major setback because the Governor of California Jerry Brown and his Attorney General Kamala Harris, who receive political support from homosexual groups and activists, refused to defend Proposition 8 as such some private persons decided to defend the bill. It is quite unfortunate that the administration of Jerry Brown did not want to defend the wishes of the people who voted him into power; rather he chose to succumb to the wishes of the minority pressure group. This is corruption and irresponsibility.

Brain Brown, NOM’s president opines that “The Supreme Court’s holding that proponents of an initiative had no legal right to appeal ignores California law and rewards corrupt politicians for abandoning their duty to defend traditional marriage laws.

Commenting on this, Ryan T. Anderson, co-author of the book “What Is Marriage? Man and Woman: A Defense.” opined that the court made no ruling on the merits of Proposition 8, but said only that the citizens who passed the constitutional amendment didn’t have standing to defend their law. The only reason this jurisdictional question was an issue is because the governor and attorney general of California decided to not defend a law passed by the people. It is scandalous that those state officials refused to perform their duty. That abdication of their responsibility should not have prevented a vigorous defence in court. This outcome sets a disturbing precedent and distorts the balance of powers among the legislative, executive, and judicial branches. It would allow the executive branch to effectively veto duly enacted laws, simply by refusing to defend it against a constitutional challenge.

On the other hand, in Windsor v. United States in a 5-4 decision the Supreme Court struck down Section 3 of the Defence of Marriage Act. In striking down Section 3 of the federal Defence of Marriage Act, the court declared that the Federal Government cannot define marriage as the union of one man and one woman for its own policies and laws but must accept whatever the states decide about marriage.

Despite all these, our only joy is that the court did not hear the prayers of Ted Olsen and David Boies who were asking for the redefinition of marriage across the entire country as such making same-sex ‘marriage a constitutional right. The court’s ruling, though, does not affect Section 2, which provides that no state is required to give effect to another state’s recognition of same-sex marriages. Seems like the court has learnt from its mistake of 1973 in Roe v. Wade.

One may be quick to ask what this decision has to do with Africa and in particular, Nigeria. It has everything to do with African. In the judgment, the judges referred to persons who oppose gay marriage as hostes humani generis, enemies of the human race, and enemies of human decency. More of these assaults are coming

President Obama on hearing the news hailed the rulings as a “Victory for American democracy. In his $100 million tour around Africa, he was promoting the issue of gay marriage on the basis that people should be treated equally, and that is a principle that applies universally.This he pushed in Senegal and Tanzania. We in Nigeria have to be weary. The wind is blowing


Through movies, advertisement, songs, videos, and even cartoons, most mainstream media in conjunction with governments are propagating a universal right to sexual indulgence; as if we were mere animals, governed only by instinct, lacking all self-control. Unfortunately, this way of thinking is gradually becoming the new norm and has spiked the spread of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Young men and women now have, as it were, an unfettered license to play with sex. Among adolescent girls, the world over, teenage pregnancy is on the rise and since they are often not ready for motherhood, abortion rate is consequently on the rise.

The media and world leaders are lying when they treat us like animals living only by instincts. Apart from having intellect, we also have free will–an ability to choose and we can control our passions, desires and even our sexual urges. However, this can only come easy when society promotes ideal that help us do that. Ideal like chastity, virginity and faithfulness if promoted as something fashionable and attractive would attract many young people.  Unfortunately, today these beautiful ideals are regarded as unattainable and utopian. Many government agencies and non-government agencies are aggressively marketing pre-marital sex as something unavoidable—even as something good. To combat the spread of STDs they advise ‘safe sex’.  ‘Safe’ meaning having sex with condoms, and of course, never getting pregnant because pregnancy is a big disease that must be avoided.

There is, however, a story of a girl who died resisting this very immorality being promoted today.  Maria Teresa Goretti was a peasant girl from a poor family; she was born in Corinaldo, near Ancona in 1890, her father died when she and the other five children were small. At twelve she was very pretty. Alexander, a young man in the neighbourhood made sexual advances to her several times she refused and did her best to avoid him, but on July 5, 1902, when she was alone in the cottage mending some clothes. Alexander came again to force her to have sex with him, she refused, and when she resisted, Alexander stabbed her repeatedly over eleven times and ran away. Maria died the next day, July 6, 1902, but not before voicing a word of forgiveness for her attacker. Alexander was sentenced to thirty years in prison. He later repented, expressed remorse for what he had done, and lived to see his victim beatified in 1947 and canonized in1950 as a martyr for chastity.

Today, we commiserate with millions of women suffering violence in different forms mostly especially sexually. It is a shame but we know it happens; unfortunately, it will not stop until the culture of seeing women as mere instruments of pleasure stops. This culture will not stop until wide spread pornography stops which forms the mind of men that women are sex objects to be used and thrown away.

As such, we are calling on all mainstream media and government to promote an authentic sexual education that respects the dignity of man and woman, and that does not consider them as mere instruments of pleasure.