Ever since the Roe v. Wade decision of 1973 in the United States, abortion has become so very important. It now shapes the ideologies of political parties and elections. Electorates want to know if candidates are pro-life or pro-choice before they cast their votes.

Abortion perturbs many people, even though some see it as wrong, they still believe others can do it since they have a right to make a choice. Other people claim that even though abortion is terrible, it should be allowed in cases where conception arises from rape or incest or when the continued pregnancy would endanger the health of a woman.

This jaw-dropping video (180) shows that really there is no difference between murder and abortion. This video shows that there is no difference between what the abortionists and a murderer, Kermit Gosnell did and what Dr. Joseph Mengele did in the Nazi concentration camps back in the 30’s. They are the same thing though with different appellation, also there is no difference between the holocaust in Germany and the new holocaust in America, the only difference may just be that American doctors have set the world record by killing more people than Hitler did. This video calls us to have a 180 degrees turn and advocate that abortion should not allowed.

This video answers the questions, if abortion is any different from murder, if abortion can be justified under any circumstances, if abortion is different form the holocaust of Hitler, if abortionist are any different from Hitler, and if Hitler like any abortionist should be not be termed a criminal and subsequently put in jail.

Abortion unfortunately has been justified by some as a means to empower women to aim for the sky since they can control their reproductive life. A woman’s fertility has been seen more as a burden and an obstacle towards her achieving greatness. On the contrary rather than empower women, abortion has empowered male folk to continue to violate women in an aggressive manner making them worse of. Women deserve better than abortion, they deserve our love, patience and understanding to care for their children right from conception.



  1. Beautiful post.. I will however beg to differ on some issues. I believe abortion should be justified when it endangers the woman’s life. On this issues, we are stuck with choosing who to live and who to die ( should we kill the baby or should we let the mother die). When abortions are done in this circumstance, it means that nothing else can be done to save the mother’s life. Would you rather keep a motherless baby or would you save the woman and give her another shot at child birth. What if the father is unable to bring up the child and the child can’t be adopted. I however condemn abortion on other grounds such as incest and rape.

    • it seems you still have an abortion mentality . the abortion mentality is that the child which they call a ‘thing’ or ‘it’ is still little and as such can be eliminated at ease since the baby has no prospects when compared to the other person’s life he is about to endanger. but that is a lie, if you really see a baby as a human person the question you should ask is if a woman is with her 1 year old child and he crawls to a train rail and there is an train approaching, more often than not most women are ready to give their life for that of the child, they do not say o it is too late, let him/her die i can always have another one. they always hunger to save that life no matter how small, that is the beauty of motherhood , it is a life filled with heroism which sometimes may seem stupid but is fulfilling.

  2. You slide a slippery slope Orabueze, if you subscribe to abortion on the grounds of endangering mother’s health. Anyone could use that excuse. Then any woman, pregnant out of wedlock will argue that having the child would endanger her health since she is not ready for a child and must finish school first and a whole lot of other excuses. The main reason why abortion is wrong is that it is the killing of an innocent human being. If the smallest member of the society, the fetus, or whatever you choose to call it, cannot be protected from aggressors, then we are a wicked lot. The rule of thumb for every conscientious doctor is to save the life of both mother and child and under no circumstance should the life of any be will fully, or deliberately terminated.

  3. At Ikewulugu., to every rule, there is an exceptions. without exceptions society and humanity can never move forward.

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