For 40 years, governments in Europe and America have held that the world is over populated. They have pressured their counterparts in Africa and elsewhere to curtail the powers of parents to have more children, claiming that parents could not be trusted to plan their families, and that the governments should take over the task. They sank huge funds into population control propaganda with such intensity that today there is a genuine problem of under population in many places.

However, recent findings has exposed the foolishness of these overpopulation scaremongers whose views have contributed in no small way to a high number of aged persons amongst many populace without the corresponding high number of young people to support them.

Many countries have now realised this too late. They have usurped the power of planning the family from the parent; suddenly they are now panicking, and are trying to reverse the ominous trend.

One country particularly affected is Egypt. Under the rein of the tyrant Hosni Mubarak who was ousted with the revolution, Egypt, apart from funding family planning programs, also funded publicity campaigns to curtail a population growth that was blamed for crippling Egypt’s development.

 Mubarak advocated that couples should have maximum of two children and this was propagated by slogans such as: “Before you have another baby, secure its needs. According to Dr. Nahla Abdel-Tawab, the Egypt director of the non-profit Population Council, “The president himself used to talk about population increases and it was also in the newspapers, even in the speeches of the Prime minister.”

Thankfully, the new president Mohamed Morsi, seems to have changed all that. Since he came to power, the Egyptian government is no longer saying anything about the over population. Health officials also have “taken a starkly different view of climbing birthrates, presenting the problem as one of economic management – not the size of the population.

Now, population has seemed to vanish even from public discussion. Health workers said they were stunned when Dr. Abeer Barakat, an assistant minister for health who is responsible for family planning, made no explicit mention at a United Nations conference in December of population or family planning in describing the Health Ministry’s priorities.

Birthrate (births per 1000 people) in Egypt is rising to 32, a level not seen since 1991.  Last year, there were 2.6 million births in Egypt, bringing the population to around 84 million people.  Population experts and European countries are not comfortable with the silence of the government, and are fearful that the Egyptians would start mass-producing babies again as if they were senseless.

I think I like what Mohamed is doing. He is leaving the parents to make the decision themselves. This point was well captured by Marcus Roberts who said that “The people who rose up in a revolution only a couple of years ago and braved their previous government’s soldiers and policemen to topple Mubarak are not bereft of ideas about how to limit their family size without the government telling them to.”

I think we should stop over flogging this mythical issue of overpopulation and rather spend more time on solving other illness like polio, malaria and HIV.

“The real problem is administration,” said Hamid al-Daly, a representative of the ultra conservative Nour Party and a member of the health committee in Egypt’s upper house of Parliament. “The population is a blessing if we use it well, and a curse if we mismanage the crisis.”

Africa countries like Nigeria are also under pressure from America and Europe to curtail her population. But we will bless that explosion if it comes. I think is high time that Europe and America realise that we Africans love the cries of children, we also need the man-power to become the next world continent. We implore, our distracters in line with the United Nations charter to respect our sovereignty and lets us be.



6 comments on “A BLESSED EXPLOSION

  1. This is arrant nonsense. This post is highly unwarranted especially flowing from the fact that it has intentionally turned a blind eye to discussing the valid reasons for the position of America and Europe. Using Nigeria ( ironical giant of Africa) as a case study, I doubt it would be right to say that birth rate is not controlled. By implication it is, because the public and civ servants respectively are paid for four dependents (children) no more, no less. There needs to be a check on population growth for several reasons amongst which are economic development. Most of us who are still acquainted with our economics would vividly recall the vicious cycle of poverty. If you let a roadside mechanic or a poor man (as the case always is) to give birth to seven to eleven children, then I wonder who would put them through school or who would provide for their development both psychologically and physically. When such kids are deprived basic rights, it is a contravention of the United Nations Charter of the Right of the child which privides for the rights to growth and development, survival, minimum standard of education and non- exploitation. Such a man would eventually be forced to send his kids out as hawkers or to give them out as house helps hence voilating more laws. If he is not able to train these children, then the next generation is stuck with illiterates who are not moving the country forward as they may most likely continue the vicious cycle. This makes the life expentancy and standard of living to be bearish at all points. This also stems from the fact that the typical Nigerian is anti-contraceptive, so it would be futile telling such a man to use such. It is conceded that sex remains the only form of leisure for most poor people, but while they are at it, it is the duty of government to protect society andd make sure that prosperity does not suffer for our in actions, hence government propagandas. Furthermore, if everyone is to give birth at will, the world would get to a point just like China where there won’t be no space any longer for everyone to stay. Especially now that the mission to Mars has not yet yielded good fruit or life sustainability or we would have said that some of us move to outer space. In enjoying the cry of the baby, life must not be made difficult for future generations. Why should government allow you give birth to as many kids as you can muster even where you can’t carter for them. Let’s call a SPADE a SPADE

  2. Orabueze, though your argument sounds genuine there are a few reasons why I disagree with you. First, poverty in Nigeria is caused primarily by maladministration of the nation resources by her leaders. Billion of dollar meant for development have been diverted into private account as i am well aware that you know. A good example is the recent discovery of the 12Bdollar golf war oil windfall that vanished into thin air. Again, are you aware of recent studies that showed that the entire population of the world can fit into the city of Texas. Yes,If you allotted 1250 square feet to each person, all the people in the world would fit into the state of Texas. Try the math yourself: 7,438,152,268,800 square feet in Texas, divided by the world population of 5,860,000,000, equals 1269 square feet per person. The population density of this giant city would be about 21,000 somewhat more than San Francisco and less than the Bronx. In fact, people do live in crowded conditions, and always have. We cluster together in cities and villages in order to exchange goods and services with one another. But while we crowd together for economic reasons in our great metropolitan areas, most of the world is empty, as we can see when we fly over it. It has been estimated by Paul Ehrlich and others that human beings actually occupy no more than 1 to 3 percent of the earth’s land surface. You can see this clearly when you travel from southern Nigeria to the north, great expanses of lands uncultivated, unharnessed lie wasted. As this article will tell you, there population of people the world is actually dying out. In many European countries, birthrate is below replacement level and China in a few years may have more old people than young people if they continue the one child policy. You might not know, but it is true, in china, they take children from parent to a village in the outskirts and allow them to die. This is great evil.

  3. Over population isn’t judged by the land mass, neither is judged by what analyst say about the economy of a country but a country is said to be overpopulated when the ratio of populis to nation’s income aint high or atleast above average then we say a country is overpopulated and if birth control is the answer so be it.

  4. Mark, the irony is that in countries where income is highest is where you have genuine problems of births falling below replacement level. Women in rich countries such as France, Germany and Switzerland have below replacement birthrates and in a few years time they will suffer economic downturns. There is already signs in Japan that the young may not be able to support the elderly in that country because there are so few young people. The economic ramifications of this is already apparent in many sector of Japanese economy. When there are few young people the pensions and old age benefits of the many old will fall on the shoulders of very few young people.

  5. well written piece Mr. Nwachukwu…Mark you are quite far from the truth. do not forget that overpopulation occurs when the holding capacity(of people in this case) in a region is exceeded, and as you have been informed, the world’s near 6Billion people are yet to occupy 5% of the world’s land mass. Overpopulation is not necessarily a question of finance and resources. we have seen countries rise from economic austerity to “financial breakthrough” with a large population. Examples are India, China, Brazil and even the United states. Chukwunedum, I’m happy that you are interested in making a case for the poor in Nigeria. but you forget that poverty is a consequence of the lack of “good” education and bad economic policies(to mention a few). And a lack of good education is a consequence of bad government, and bad government a consequence of bad people. After all, the leaders come from the people. Good people result in a great nation
    Do you not see that birth control advocacy is a cowards retreat to a challenge. Instead of thinking of how to make the world better for posterity, we are trying to reduce the size of posterity to make a better today for ourselves…Now, there is a middle income Catholic family in United states with as much as 13 children. And with proper planning and sacrifice on the side of the parents, all 13 offspring were provided for and educated. The same holds for some families in Nigeria. Let these cowards leave us! We are poor, no wahala! whatever Papa gives us to eat; Garri and groundnut, rice and chicken, it really doesn’t matter. With love and affection, the cliche, “the more, the merrier” comes alive… . 🙂

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