Under the pretext of combating sexual abuses against women, pro-choicers are now digging up spurious studies that links increased risk of sexual assaults among women with poor sexual education in schools, and are now advocating for a more aggressive and in-depth sex education in schools. In the United Kingdom, the Sex Education Forum (SEF) is campaigning for the introduction of pornography into school curriculum. They argue that kids are already exposed to online pornography and are bound to stumble upon porn early anyway; so why not educate them about it?

I disagree with this because even though pornography is available at the click of a mouse and any child that can use the internet is exposed, still, showing it in schools is bound to send the wrong signals to the children as something good. This is absolutely unacceptable. It will be corrupting childhood innocence, and confusing their inborn natural aversion to this filth. Furthermore, studies show that watching porn leads to a recreational attitude towards sex, removes the need for affection before sex, and brings about a tendency to see women as playthings. It also interferes with normal sexual development, undermines well-being with feelings of confusion and shame, and fosters violent relationships.

Showing porn to a child to immunize him against it is like throwing a child into a fire to immunize him against pain ( this is a weird reasoning); I wonder who thought it up? Perhaps his real agenda is to destroy the morality of innocent children even before they know it. It is also a direct attack on family values since it is the duty of parents to educate their children on sexual issues within the warmth of their homes. Please do not saddle schools with porn. The school should be educating the child intellectually.

Something similar happened in Jamaica, the chairman of the country’s National Family Planning Board, Dr Sandra Knight suggested that condoms should freely be distributed in schools. Thankfully, Jamaican Minister of Education, Hon. Rev. Ronald Thwaites, gave a resounding “No” to this absurd proposal. Thwaites made it clear that Jamaican schools were not “romping shops”. He continued, “This government, led by this Prime Minister, lifts up to our children, the ideal of faithful love and marriage between a man and a woman, as the basis of a family, even as we insist on tolerance and love for those who are disposed towards homosexuality.” “Let it be clear, we will not be grooming children towards same-sex unions, and we will not be distributing condoms in schools. Restraint must be taught by example and precept,” he stressed.

Isn’t this a wonderful sound reasoning?

“By distributing condoms in schools, we are saying that it is fine for children to have sex,” Esther Tyson, a teacher, opines. Being sexually active, however, should mean a readiness to be a parent since no contraceptive, especially the condom, is foolproof. How can we legalize children having sex when they cannot support themselves economically, nor are they mature enough to be parents?”

It is a good thing that both sides of the Jamaican political spectrum agree that the public school contraception program was ill-advised. Opposition Leader Andrew Holness said that, the school is not a dispensary for prophylactics but rather a dispensary of knowledge and information’. “It is inappropriate, I believe, to the majority of Jamaicans and parents, to have the school become a dispensary,” the Jamaica Labour Party leader said.

Thwaites added that while the educational system acknowledges that many children are initiated into sexual activity during their classroom years thanks to the mass media and the Carnival Culture, seemingly premature sex was and is a destroyer of true love.



  1. What bothers me most is the violation of public morality. The issues that arises is how you can expose children to obscene materials at such a tender age even when the conventions on the rights of children provide against such. I wonder what would be the fate of children whose parents don’t want to be exposed to explicit materials. Would they be asked to change schools? Or would they totally stop schooling if the educational system of their nation adopts the pornography style. This goes without saying that despite the law moving with society, the law must also curb the excesses of the society and maintain law and order. We must say NO to this unwarranted violation of the younger generation. Today it is pornography ( God knows whether it is straight or homosexual) and then tomorrow it may be to allow our kids start having sex as a part of their curriculum, afterall, they might ultimately have sex and hence help them be better at it. Thank you Joshua for such a piece. We would continue to followw the story as it unfolds and we would continue to fight against this…

  2. I agree with you Orabueze Chukwunedum. While good men sleep, the servant of Mordor sow weed in the wheat fields. There need for vigilance, we must examine issues like this and expose them for what they really are, demonic. Yes and I agree.

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